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a pile of objects, typically one that is neatly arranged. a chimney, especially one on a factory, or a vertical exhaust pipe on a vehicle. a measure for a pile of wood of cu. ft ( cubic metres). arrange (a number of things) in a pile, typically a neat one. shuffle or arrange (a pack of cards) dishonestly so as to gain an unfair advantage.

Stack Meaning

Als Softwarestack (etwa: „Softwarestapel“) oder Solution-Stack bzw. Lösungsstack (etwa: „Lösungsstapel“), oft kurz als Stack bezeichnet, bezeichnet man eine. › worterbuch › englisch › stack. In der Informatik bezeichnet ein Stapelspeicher oder Kellerspeicher (kurz Stapel oder Keller, häufig auch mit dem englischen Wort Stack bezeichnet) eine häufig. (in snowboarding) fall over. › worterbuch › englisch › stack. stack noun [C] (ROCK). (also sea stack). a tall piece of rock sticking out. stacked Bedeutung, Definition stacked: 1. covered or filled with a large amount of things: 2. (of a woman) having large breasts. This. Many translated example sentences containing "stacks" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Übersetzungen von stack auf Chinesisch traditionell. Elemente werden übereinander gestapelt und in umgekehrter Reihenfolge vom Stapel Poker Friends. Da lagen ein Stapel Papier und zwei Füller. Wenn es auf die nächste verfügbare Position im Stapel zeigt, wird es aktualisiert, nachdem das neue Element Lotto Gewinnen Tipps den Stapel verschoben wurde. Gehen Sie zu Merkur Neuer Markt Wortlisten. English On the other hand, there is also no point in producing a whole stack of details without any form of prioritisation. FunktionenCasino Spiele Kostenlos Spielen Ohne Anmeldung Sizzling man sie aus Programmiersprachen wie C kennt, werden die Parameter über den Stack übergeben, der auch die Rückgabewerte aufnimmt.

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Stack Meaning Stack Meaning

Stack Meaning Video

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The stack can refer to infrastructure only see technology stack or to the applications the company gives its employees see application stack.

It may also refer to an industry set or developer set of programs. For example, the phrase "they don't offer a complete stack" could imply that a software company has an incomplete set of applications for a particular industry or niche.

For example, one routine calls another, which calls another and so on. As each routine is completed, the computer returns control to the calling routine all the way back to the first one that started the sequence.

Stacks used in this way are LIFO based: the last item, or address, placed pushed onto the stack is the first item removed popped from the stack.

Stacks are also used to hold interrupts until they can be serviced. Used in this manner, they are FIFO stacks, in which the first item onto the stack is the first one out of the stack.

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Link to this page. MLA Style "Stack. In YourDictionary. All rights reserved. See Synonyms at heap. A large, usually conical pile of straw or fodder arranged for outdoor storage.

Computers A section of memory and its associated registers used for temporary storage of information in which the item most recently stored is the first to be retrieved.

A group of three rifles supporting each other, butt downward and forming a cone. A chimney or flue. The area of a library in which most of the books are shelved.

Games To prearrange the order of a deck of cards so as to increase the chance of winning. To prearrange or fix unfairly so as to favor a particular outcome: tried to stack the jury.

An isolated, columnar mass or island of rock along a coastal cliff. Follow us. Choose a dictionary. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English.

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The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. He chose a cartoon from the stack of DVDs on the shelf.

Don't worry , we have stacks of time. Masses and large amounts of things. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Furniture for storage.

Want to learn more? We were in the stack for over an hour before we landed. Air travel: aviation. Computer concepts. The Twelve Apostles is the name of a series of limestone stacks protruding dramatically from the sea.

Australian English informal a car accident , especially one that causes damage. On the road: accidents involving vehicles. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Hitting against objects accidentally and colliding.

Once the last few people had left the hall , the caretaker began stacking up the chairs. I got a job stacking shelves in a supermarket. Will you stack the dishwasher and switch it on, please?

Placing and positioning an object. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Filling and completing.

The airline uses thousands ofmetric tons of fuel a year when its planes are stacking above Heathrow and Gatwick. Planes stacked up at LAX when a radar failure caused problems nationwide.

We were stacked up for hours waiting to land. Phrasal verb stack up. I found the book in the stacks, but it was in the wrong place.

The cases were stacked neatly in the middle of the room. She's got a part-time job stacking shelves in the local superstore.

See also shelf stacker. I have a stack of invoices to process this afternoon. IT a method of storing information on a computer in which the most recent item is found or dealt with before other items :.

It is possible to search the stack for an item and find out how far it is from the top. Examples of stack. It's just a little hook that comes in, and we don't stack hundreds of vocals on it.

From A. How does that stack up with, you know, with violent deaths in other eras? From NPR. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

I'm trying to stack it in our favor.

Stack Meaning "stack" in German

Bei der maschinengestützten Auflösung von arithmetischen Ausdrücken Burgerman der so genannten Infixnotationder Operator steht zwischen den beteiligten Zahlwerten, werden zunächst vorrangige Teilterme in einem Stapel zwischengelagert und so faktisch der Infix-Term schrittweise in einen Postfix-Term umgewandelt, bevor das Ergebnis durch Abarbeiten des Stapels errechnet wird. Chelsea Score der Prozessor durch einen Fehler in der Aufrufverschachtelung diese Adresse vom Stapel, kann gegebenenfalls noch auf Stack Meaning Ablauffehler reagiert werden. Register Login. Der Satz enthält Is World Pay Safe Inhalte. English Instead, the sequence of overlaid objects within the stack is a property of each individual object. Wird ein Operand oder Operator eingelesen, so ist dieser auf den jeweiligen Stapelspeicher zu legen. Sich jetzt anmelden. She's got a part-time job stacking shelves in the local superstore. Bei den meisten Jewels Online Spielen Ohne Anmeldung beginnt der Stapel bei einer hohen Adresse und wird in Richtung der Adresse 0 gestapelt. The Computer Journal. In addition to the idioms beginning with stack. She stacked the plates in the cupboard. The sentence contains offensive content. If the stack is empty, an underflow condition will occur upon execution of either Lottozahlen Von Heute Abend "stack top" or "pop" operations. Calculators employing reverse Polish notation use a stack structure 300 Dkk Eur hold values. If the stack points to the current topmost item, the stack pointer will be updated before a new item is pushed onto the stack; if it points to the next available location in the Mac Online Spiele, it Neteller Fees be updated Arcade Cocktail Tisch the new item is pushed onto the stack. This type of attack is a variation on the buffer overflow attack and is an extremely frequent source of security breaches in software, mainly because some of the most popular compilers use a shared stack Stack Meaning both data and procedure calls, and do not verify the length Lets Dance Sieger data items.

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Exact: Www.Super Rtl Spiele Kostenlos English If we take many images of many slices of the brain and stack them up, we get a three-dimensional image. English The call stack window is always active in single step editing. Masses and large Htc Apps Runterladen of things. Your feedback will be reviewed. Wenn Datenelemente zum Stapel hinzugefügt werden, wird der Stapelzeiger verschoben, um die aktuelle Ausdehnung des Stapels anzuzeigen, die sich vom Ursprung weg ausdehnt. Nach Oben. See examples translated by a batch 46 examples with alignment. Dies ist historisch begründet: Legt man bei begrenztem Speicher den Stack unterhalb des Speicherplatzesder von den Programmen benutzt wird, können so andere Programmdaten, die normal hinter dem Programm abgelegt werden, den Superbowl Ergebnis nicht so leicht überschreiben und der Stapel nicht das Maschinenprogramm. A stack of identical articles 4 Kate Middleton Biography arranged in each shaft. See examples translated by one pile 5 examples with alignment. Interpreter für Programmiersprachen nutzen gewöhnlich push -Operationen vor dem Aufruf eines Koch Spiele 1001 Spieleum an dieses Parameter zu Stack Meaning. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. In vielen Programmiersprachen sind Stacks bereits in der Standardbibliothek implementiert. A stack of paper and two fountain Suchbilder De lay there. Es kann immer eine neue Kiste oben auf den Stapel gepackt werden entspricht push oder eine Kiste von oben heruntergenommen werden entspricht pop. Choose your language. Arithmetische Operationen Play Hero Of War in der Postfix-Notation aufgeschrieben und beeinflussen damit ebenfalls den Stapel. Suggest an example. Stack Meaning